The refined pleasure of bubbly

The seduction typical of wine takes shape in our captivating sparkling wine, thanks to special techniques handed down through age- old Italian sparkling wine making traditions.

A seduction of flavors, that stimulates every sense branching out into a bouquet of perfumes, in bright colors and a vivacious perlage. This is the result of a special microclimate and the specific characteristics of the land that harmoniously create the ideal environment for wine, the basis for our bubbly. The attentive and refined sparkling wine production process carried out by our wine experts generates a wide range of faithful variants produced with two different fermentation methods: The Classic Method and the Charmat Method.

The bubbly made using the Classic Method is the result of a long and high quality production process, where the re-fermentation of the base wine occurs in the bottle. During their fining process on yeasts, wines are kept in bottles positioned horizontally and are then placed on wooden stands with holes cut out for the bottles, which make their gradual flipping in the vertical position easier, thanks to a special rotation technique (remuage). This is to favor the concentration of the residues of yeast in the neck of the bottle, which are then expelled when the wine is poured off. Once the fermentation process has been completed, the bottles are topped off with the “liqueur d’expedition”, closed with the characteristic mushroom shaped cork, and are ready for tasting.

The bubbly made using the Charmat Method is the result of a production process, where the re-fermentation of the base wine occurs in large steel containers (pressure tanks). At present, bubbly made using this method is extremely common in Italy and all around the world, Prosecco being the most well-known, along with many other sparkling wines, both brut and sweet that are made from various grape varieties.


A synonym of bubbly in Italy with a wide range of products made through the Charmat Method, brings the Italian sparkling wine making method to the rest of the world.

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