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The company today

Togni is an Italian company that has been in the market for over 60 years. The company operates in four different business areas: the Rocca dei Forti brand of bubbly, for which it is a leader in mass Italian distribution; mineral water mainly with its Frasassi brand; Artisanal Beer with the Terza Rima brand.



where we export our products


Million Euros of turnover

in the past year with our 4 product lines



in the Serra San Quirico headquarters and production sites, all within the province of Ancona



Togni brands sold in Italy and abroad

Thanks to the Rocca dei Forti brand, the company is market leader in the modern channel for its 2014  market share  (source IRI). Furthermore, the bubbly was the first category produced for exports aboard.

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Produced using artisanal methods with spring water, malt, hops, and yeasts carefully selected according to the highest quality standards. Re-fermented in bottle, unfiltered and non-pasteurized, it has been inspired by age-old standards of purity and equilibrium.

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With 4 springs, 2 bottling plants, and 300 million bottles produced yearly in PET and glass, our company is the most important in central Italy. The 5 water brands represent the first item of the Italian turnover of Togni company.

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Our roots


The Togni story begins in the 1950’s, in Serra San Quirico in the province of Ancona, an extraordinary territory in the center of Italy that boasts an age-old tradition of sparkling wine making, which dates back to the XVII century. Luigi Togni decided to take up this Marche “calling” for bubbly, founding the Vinicola Togni Company. This is how the production of sparkling wine all started, on which the company focused all its attention during the first 10 years of business. In 1964, the company decided to enter the mineral water market by purchasing its first spring in the heart of the Marche Apennines, thus starting the production of water in glass bottles: San Cassiano.  Three other mineral water springs were purchased near Fabriano (AN) over a few years, where our water production plants are located still today.


A new industrialization process was started with the development and expansion of the company business. A clear vision of the role of each brand and product category was then outlined. Strategic brands were born, such as the sparkling wine, Rocca dei Forti and Frasassi Water in PET. The impulse brought by Paola and Paolo Togni, the new generation of the company, to achieve important results thus paving the way to future growth. In 2001, the company completed its line of waters with the acquisition of the Gocciablu brand, with the goal of strengthening the presence of Togni within the traditional Horeca channel. Continuous  research and the desire to continually take on new challenges has brought about the creation of a new project. Togni entered into the winemaking world of the Marche region in 2005, thanks to the acquisition of the ‘Cantina CasalFarneto’.


In 2013, another important notch was added to the portfolio of Togni products, with the purchase of the artisanal laboratory of fresh pasta under the Pasta San Vicino brand. Further strengthening the bond between the traditions of the land, with the excellence of the skills and know-how typical of the Marche region. Furthermore, the company has been continuing to invest in products, caring for and paying special attention to consumers, with the end goal of satisfying their ever-changing tastes and needs. It is for this very reason that the Frasassi Water plant in Genga has been transformed into an avant-garde site of low environmental impact, thanks to the presence of PV panels covering a  part of the company’s energy needs. As well as, producing latest generation lightweight bottles that reduce the quantity of PET used and lower Co2 emissions in the atmosphere.



The Group started marketing and distributing artisanal beer under the Terza Rima brand in 2014. In 2017, a year marked by extremely positive economic results, Togni undertook the process of generational change, in a long-term outlook. Following the professional skills that have been developing in the young generations of the two family branches and the planning activity of growth strategies, in terms of production and commercialization, Paola Togni has taken control of Togni SpA, thus managing the development of the  bubbly, mineral water, artisanal beer and the fresh pasta sectors, while Paolo Togni has assumed command of Casalfarneto SrL dedicating himself exclusively to the wine branch.
From 2018, with a strategic corporate alliance, Togni’s entry into the Tenute Collesi Brewery is realized. The Togni company, based in Serra San Quirico (An), employs 120 people and achieved a turnover of 47 million euros in 2020.

Looking towards the Future: Working towards growth

The company has been rapidly growing over the years and continues to grow nowadays, always seeing its philosophy “working towards growth” as the driving force for the daily work.  The dedication given and results obtained are proven by the important success and recognition the company has been able to achieve so far. Dedication, which is demonstrated everyday in the important challenge in the field of research and development.  Just as important is the value that Togni attributes to tradition. The strong attachment to its territory is the driving force that has led to increasing innovation in full respect of the environment and the consumer.

The brands

Rocca dei Forti for bubbly; Frasassi, San Cassiano, Gocciablu, Gaia and Fonte Elisa for water; Pasta San Vicino for fresh handmade egg pasta; Terza Rima and Achel for artisanal and trappist beer.

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Work with us

Italian ‘soul’, growth orientation and close attention towards the territory, are the main values in our company, which combined with the ‘conviviality’ of our products, create a genuine and dynamic working environment.

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