The authentic taste of tradition

The inlands of the Marche region , in the shadow of Mount San Vicino, where nature and antique handed-down know-how create a one-of-a-kind context, is home to our homemade pasta laboratory.

A true “atelier” of bronze cut fresh egg pasta, with high quality products worked according to Marche culinary tradition. It is inspired by that homemade pasta, our families used to make every Sunday. The long pasta is rough and porous, in order to hold sauces and condiments, while the stuffed pasta best accentuates the flavors within the pasta. The taste of tradition, to be savored everyday like those wonderful memories, where the family gathers together around the table bonding with their own roots and own land.


Pit cheese Girasole

Cheese ripened in pits is one of our country’s noblest products. It is surprisingly intense and matures for months in small underground “caves” which give it character and a unique nature over time.

Ricotta and Spinach Margherite

Ricotta and Spinach make up one of the best-loved fillings in traditional cuisine. It has a delicate but unmistakeable taste, which never disappoints.

Tagliatelle Caserecce

It just takes fresh eggs, durum wheat semolina, water and salt to create one of the classics of our cuisine. This is good cooking from the olden days, like our grandmothers used to make.

Wellness line

When tradition comes together with wellness

Food means also wellness and our genuine and healthy pastas are made with care and passion for a perfect balance between flavor and health. Bronze cut, rough surface, brown color, intense aroma: characteristics that describe a healthy and tasty product. The wellness line was conceived for the customer who loves experimenting in the kitchen, a great alternative to classic tastes and traditions. This pasta is also a natural source of fiber, very important for anyone who follows modern food trends.

Spelt Tagliolini

Wholemeal Tagliatelle caserecce