Beer from the Belgian Ardennes: drinking is believing

Vaurien V5 is an artisanal high-fermentation blonde beer produced in an extraordinary, densely forested region found in the heart of the Ardennes.

Such a pristine location and its inhabitants have inspired the name and symbol of the Vaurien V5 beer: the deer, emblem of the region, a majestic protagonist of a forest rich in legends. Vaurien is also the nickname of the people of the area, a word that best represents their personality traits. Literally meaning «rascal», which well describes the Vaurien V5 beer, with its bold mischievous taste.


Artisanal Blonde Belgian beer, high fermentation, filtered and flavored with three European hops.


Bottle 33 cl

Alcohol Content: 5,7% vol

Keg Polikeg 20 lt

Alcohol Content: 5,5% vol

The dense and abundant foam with pleasant hops aftertaste gives it the lightness that makes it particularly refreshing.

Serving temperature: 5°-6°

Format: 33 cl bottle and 20 lt Polikeg keg

Color: Golden yellow

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, wheat, hops

Bitter: 25 IBU

The Vaurien Land

Vaurien V5 beer is produced in the “Brasserie de Grandvoir” inside the XVII century castle/farm of the same name

Situated in the heart of the municipality of Neufchateau in the Belgian Ardennes, a hilly region surrounded by dense forests. For years the building was home to master blacksmiths, over time the castle became a historical reference point for the city, a destination where numerous noble families would stay, thus contributing to the fame and splendor of this fortified structure. “Brasserie de Grandvoir” was born in September 2016, in an area of the building especially dedicated to beer making. The first beer produced was a blonde beer that continues to carry on the legends of the Ardennes: the Vaurien V5.