Wine: the soul of a place and its history

For CasalFarneto the link with territory is crucial. The name CasalFarneto comes from a variety of oak tree (Quercus Farnetto) which protects our estate.

In the long dirt road of CasalFarneto, the oak rows lead to a landscape full of charm and suggestions, completely immersed in the Marche hills between gentle valleys and characteristic italian villages. We are in the area famous for the production of  Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico. Here the wine becomes a narrator of the history of the places where it was produced. And the CasalFarneto wine speaks of a land of strong traditions that know how to renew each time, reflecting the dynamic and genuine passion of its people. Out of this simplicity, comes a multifaceted love for all things authentic.

The CasalFarneto wine estate is made up of wineyars, three old country houses and a modern winery. The estate are located in Serra de’ Conti (AN) at 350 m a.s.l. and with it’s wineyards draws the hilly landscape of Marche region hinterland.The soil is cultivated with white berry with the autochthonous grape of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico, which dominates the production, and red berry with the grapes of Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Cabernet, Petit V. and Merlot. The 60 hectares of land, 35 of which vineyards produce awarded labels: Crisio (3 bicchieri by Gambero Rosso for 4 years); Cimaio (5 Grappoli Bibenda for 6 years); Grancasale (5 Star Wines by Vinitaly for 2 years).

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Our labels

Our range of wines is made up in two labels: Donna di Bacco and Le Colline. Donna di Bacco is our range of wines for the and wine shop. They are elegant wines whose components are perfectly balanced, enabling them to achieve the perfect quality of fine wines. Le Colline is our range of wines for the mass market retail. They have strong personality and from our land come to the best stores.

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